The choice of a St Louis drug rehab should be determined by several factors. It is important that you consider all of the before you make a decision on the rehab center to join. Remember that the rehab center that you join will play a very important role in determining the success of your recovery from drug addiction. At our drug rehab center, we know this and our goal is to offer comprehensive, personalized treatment programs that address the addiction and recovery needs of our patients to get back to a good condition. If you are choosing a drug rehab in St. Louis however, you should consider certain factors.

Level of your addiction

The severity of addiction will determine the kind of treatment that will be ideal for you. For instance, does your addiction level require a strict detoxification treatment? Detoxification is a process through the drug that you have been abusing is removed from your body. It is also important that you consider whether there is a recommendation that has been given requiring you to undergo supervised detoxification. This is because some withdrawal symptoms of some drugs can be uncomfortable, abrupt and fatal. Also consider whether you have undergone an outpatient treatment before and relapsed afterwards. Perhaps, you might feel the need to get out of the current environment so that you can focus your efforts on recovery.

Treatment schedule

Our outpatient program has varying timelines and schedules. Each person progresses through the treatment process at a different speed. As such, treatment does not have a set period or length. You can undergo treatment for drug addiction for a period of between one and 3 months or even longer. However, it is recommended that you undergo treatment for a minimum of 3 months to maximize the possibility of achieving positive results. The treatment period can be extended or reduced on the basis of the recovery progress of the patent.

Available drug rehab programs

Rehabilitation programs can be categorized as inpatient and outpatient programs. However, inpatient or residential program entails residing in the drug rehab center while undergoing treatment. This is more intensive because patients focus their efforts towards recovery. They also receive close monitoring and attention from the staff at the rehab center. With outpatient program, patients live in their homes while undergoing treatment. They visit the rehab center once in a while for therapy sessions and counseling. With both programs, patients receive treatment for the drugs that they are addicted to from different specialists. These include counselors, therapists, psychiatrists and doctors among others. The objective is to ensure that patients overcome their addiction to start leading different, sober lives.


The cost of undergoing treatment in a drug rehab center in St Louis varies. This is because the cost is mostly dependent on the kind of care that is offered, the facility and duration that a patient undergoes treatment. However, inpatient programs are generally costly than outpatient programs. Nevertheless, there are many options that will enable you to reduce cost once you opt to join our St Louis drug rehab center.

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