Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Rehab For Men

It takes time to make a decision on drug rehab for men because there are many unanswered questions. They relate to conditions that require rehabilitation, signs of addiction, the cost, duration, etc. To eliminate this uncertainty, we have compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked to make it easier to decide on rehabilitation.

What Is Drug Rehabilitation?

This is a structured program targeting addicts and aimed at enabling and supporting them to live a drug free life. It helps individuals who feel enslaved or hurt by drugs to commence a journey towards clean and healthy living. There are different stages and activities including intake, detox, rehab and recovery. It is considered a very individual deterministic problem because there are no definite results unless the addict makes a choice.

What Can I Expect During Rehab?

There are different names for activities and programs offered in different facilities. However, the underlying issues are:

Intake– professionals assess you drug use problem with the aim of determining the severity of the problem. It is the findings that will direct your handlers at the center on the best drugs and activities to put you through. The results will also inform the activities you will be engaged in.

Detox– this is a process where the body is cleaned of toxic substances. You can expect uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms during detox. With professional handling, this should be easy to manage.

Rehab- this is a continuous process. It involves counseling and group therapies to alter the mindsets of addicts and instill the need to live clean. The sessions build awareness on drug issues and underlying causes. These sessions assist addicts to cope with life after drug use.

After Care– these are follow-up sessions after rehab. They support the addict to live the commitment of a drug free life. They include joining support groups and sober living arrangements.

How Long Will I Take In Rehab?

It is impossible to determine the exact rehabilitation and recovery time. For most programs, the minimum you will get is 30 days. Depending on your condition, you may take 60-90 days. Other determinants include whether you are on inpatient or outpatient care. Your addiction history, the drug involved, its severity and co-existing health issues will also determine your speed of recovery. Other needs like spiritual, mental, physical and emotional will also determine your speed of recovery.If you are looking for a rehab center that you can join,watch our youtube video and look no further you can simply contact us today.

Is Addiction Cured?

Exit from rehabilitation does not necessarily lead to addiction cure. It is an ongoing process that requires continued support and commitment. Rehabilitation provides the tools to support your decision. It is the ability to say no that will lead to eternal ‘cure’. Life skills training offered makes it easy to resist drugs. The addict must constantly resist the urge to return to drugs by being positively engaged.

Drug rehab for men begins with assessing the situation to determine the best plan. We have highly skilled and experienced professionals to assist you. This is your path towards a lasting solution.

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